The USS Mustang- A Star Trek Fan Design

October 06, 2019  •  7 Comments

The universal appeal of making your own Starfleet ship is as vast a universe that Gene Roddenberry created decades ago. Fan-made content, usually sitting around Starships, have been produced ever since the original series gained popularity. With the proliferation of technology allowing fans near cinema level visual FX, teams such as the folks making PACIFIC 201 and AXANAR can produce content that rivals, some say goes beyond, what professional studios can produce. Allow me to introduce my little contribution to the Star Trek universe. Presenting the USS Mustang, a Federation Scout-Attack vessel. 

The Mustang is a Praetorion Class ship with the sole purpose of patrol, combat and short term scouting missions. It's the StarFleet version of a "gunboat." In MY Star Trek universal theory, the Federation always had and always will have a Navy-based Military section of Starfleet. The Starfleet Navy operates much like the United States Navy of today in the form of small fleet of ships; a Main StarFleet Ship and several support ships.  This Starfleet Navy Group usually has at least 2-3 of these Scout/Attack ships. The Mustang herself serves with the USS Robert Lee Scott. Prior to entering a section of space, the Mustang and a unit of Starfleet fighters scans and patrols that area. Once safe conditions have been cleared, "The Scott" drops out of warp. I think I'll produce video on this soon. Otherwise, here's where I'll post updates on the work of the USS Mustang. 

9-October: Many have asked about the size of the Mustang vs the The Scott so to clear things up here's a quick comparison render. The Mustang Docks nice and snug in to the bottom of the saucer section. 
11 April 2020 Update  

11-April-2020: I'm gonna go ahead and say the "design" phase is done as I can change it and change it until the tribbles come home so here's the physical layout of the Mustang. I want the Mustang to be a very small, powerful and fast ship meant to be a localized to system defense such as the Terran system, and multi-ship Fleet Missions. Similar to US Navy Carrier fleet operations. A deep space exploration fleet can consist of at least 2 or 3 Mustang class vessels. Prior to the mission fleet arriving to a certain location, as many as three Praetorian class vessels will arrive prior to scout and reconnoiter the system. Should the ships be attacked or witness hostile factors, they will either suppress/eliminate that threat or exfiltrate to report on the situation. 

In combat situations, the Praetorian class is very suited to attack missions and defense missions. Usually, many to most command level Stafleet academy graduates are initial stationed on Praetorian Class starships. The shorter missions and localized stations mean new command officers can gain quick experience before moving on to larger vessels. Many young officers will get "the chair" time as officers as low as Lieutenant can command the Mustang Class vessel for short missions. However, some officers choose to make this class of vessel their entire careers. Many officers are more suited to the military, scout and defense side of Starfleet. Although Starfleet's main function is exploration and humanitarian missions, Starfleet will always have a main core meant for militarized defense and war-making. 



David Collins Media
LOL !! Not at all, Joe. I've actually had more people compare it to some huge ship from some online video game,. . .
So this is a Millenium Falcon that flys backwards!?!?!?!
David Collins Media
Hi MongDech - take a look at the latest update (at the bottom) to see how the configuration works with the Larger Ship.
Saucer separation is pretty standard for Starfleet ships. There isn't any real reason that a secondary saucer section shouldn't operate in that manner any more than a ship having more than one secondary bridge. In standard practices it could become quite necessary. It covers defense, tactic, secondary observations, and mobilizations. I think you are seeing something that would become more standard after the 25th century [If you trust Star Trek Online's variations.] Speaking of which, have you hit them up for commercial assessment? Peace!
THIS is what the Defiant should have looked like!(non-registered)
Very nice!
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