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ABOUT DAVID COLLINS: David Collins is a married, father of 2, award winning multimedia content producer working professionally since 1998. With a degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta, and a passion for the creative arts, David has turned that passion in to an award winning career. With disciplines from art, illustration, design, video production and photography, David has taken those skills to win several awards such as Addy marketing and production awards. David's personal passions include the character, aviation and historic illustrations, as well as the adventures that can take place with photography and aerial drone operations. With a long list of exciting upcoming professional and personal projects, the future is looking bright for David Collins. 

LET DAVID CREATE FOR YOU: David's first love and passion is the Illustration and Visual Arts. Growing from drawing all the time as child, David turned that love in to a professional career. Starting in 2018, David is going to reprioritize his tool set to bring more emphasis to 3D and by hand 2D digital art and illustrations. Those have for far too long, have been put aside. No more. From aviation illustration, to scifi artwork, to character and conceptual visualizations, David will bring his passion to create for you. 

LET DAVID MAKE YOU SOME GREAT VIDEOS: David is also an award winning video production artist. Video production and animation combines all his artistic passions in to one project type. David can shoot, photograph, edit, process, animate, produce visual FX. Are YOU ready to produce unique video production content? Let's go! To see some of the recent video projects David has produced, see his Animations/Videos Page. 

LET DAVID SHOOT PHOTOGRAPHY FOR YOU: David's other great passion is photography. Quite literally starting as a hobby, David grew to love photography that he couldn't help but put that experience to professional use. Events, Weddings, Portraits, Commercial/Corporate, Lifestyle, and Fine Art, David can bring his almost 15 years of photography experience to effectively capture what you need. 

YOU WANT TO GO FLYING? LET'S GO FLYING: Since David already is an accomplished video content producer and photographer, the advent of drones, or sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) was absolutely the next step. David can add great aerial video and photography to your projects and truly give you a "Birds Eye View" of the planet. 

LET DAVID DESIGN FOR YOU: David has extensive design experience to build you an effective and affordable marketing materials such as Logos, branding packages, banners, interactive experiences, presentations and other print materials. David's design experience can take your marketing and advertising needs to another level.