DAVID COLLINS MEDIA Services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Media

Real Estate Media - By David Collins MediaDavid Collins Media Offers the very best of Real Estate Media such as Photography, Videography, Drone Media, Ground/Aerial & 360 Virtual Tours David Collins Media combines over 25 years’ experience in media creation to offer direct Commercial, Industrial and Residential Real Estate media services. David Collins offers real estate media in the Middle Georgia and surround areas of Georgia. Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent, Commercial Property Owner,  or an individual home and property seller, DCM has the media you need to get that property sold. Offering the very best in Photography, Video Production, Drone-Based Aerial Media and Interactive Virtual Tours, David Collins Media can take your real estate media and marketing needs to another level, giving you an edge in the hot real estate market. 


  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Aerial Media 
  • Land Tract Media + Inspection
  • Scouting, Iterative Capture & Inspections
  • Interactive Virtual Tours
  • Corporate Agency Photography
  • Corporate Agency Videography
  • Corporate Agency Marketing Materials


  • Real Estate Marketing Media Creation
  • Corporate Agency Photography
  • Corporate Agency Videography
  • Corporate Agency Graphic Design Services
  • Corporate Agency Marketing Materials
  • Sell More Homes/Properties, more often
  • High ROI
  • Generate Better Traffic
  • Stand Out among your competition


David Collins Media also gets above it all with interactive 360 Panoramic Imaging that allows anyone to interact with a virtual environment. This has endless applications for Real Estate Agents, Commercial and Industrial uses.



With David Collins Media’s Real Estate Media creation, you'll be able to Reach More Buyers, Sell More Properties More Often, and Earn More so you can stand out in the flooded real estate market. Take your company’s presence and branding to the next level and get more clients, sell more property, and sell them faster! Better yet, have a steady, better R.O.I. (return on investments) to keep those commissions rolling in. The media provided will do much of the selling legwork necessary for you to get those potential buyers to sign on that dotted line. 

DIY Home & Property sellers, do you want to take a more hands on approach to selling your home, land or commercial properties? David Collins Media can work directly with you to provide you the superior media that will get your home and property sold fast. The media provided allows potential buyers to see and interact with your listings and answer many questions before ever speaking with you – thus doing most of the selling directly for you.

Commercial & Private Vacation hosts can add to the value of their property and increase the frequency of guests that choose to book stay with you. 

See it all from the comfort of your desk! Are you a land developer, industrial property or commercial developer looking to sell land piece-meal or all at once? David Collins Media can give you superior media content to move those assets and maximize your sales of property, land and industrial locations. Or are you looking to invest and purchase land for your commercial or industrial needs, David Collins Media can provide you with media to see and inspect these assets before you even get in the car or get on a plane.

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