Based in Warner Robins, Georgia, David Collins Media Video production services are the highest of quality at an affordable budget. David can produce short form and long form videos, 30-second commercial spots as well as longer duration advertising videos.

Please visit the VIDEO PRODUCTION GALLERY to see examples of Video Production. 

• Preproduction Consultation
• Script Writing
• Storyboard Drawings
• On Site Production, Filming, Directing
• Photography
• SUAS (drone) operations
• Digital Non-Linear Editing
• 2D and 3D compositing, animation and special FX
• 2D and 3D animated motion graphics

David Collins has over 20 years experience utilizing powerful 3D software to create stunning artwork, illustrations, animations and visual FX. With the wide array of powerful 3D applications, the potential is sky high. David Collins Media can use powerful 3D media to produce stunning Aerospace Art and Illustrations, to photo-realistic modeling and rendering, to video documentaries that bring past, present and future subject matters to life. 

Please visit the 3D MEDIA, ART, ILLUSTRATION + ANIMATION Page for more examples. 

 Aerospace Artwork, Illustrations & Animations
• 3D Hard Surface Modeling & Rendering
• Technical Illustrations & Renderings
• Prototyping Mockups & Renderings

• 3D Logo Conversions & Animations
• Subject Matter Animation Demonstrations
• Animations For Video, Film & Documentaries
• Visual FXs

David Collins has over 20 years experience in traditional 2D media such as drawing, painting, illustration and fine artwork, to digital art, cartoons and technical illustrations. Technology has come in to it's own to where even producing traditional-looking media such as sketches, illustrations and painting can now be accomplished digitally to produce the fine art look. Whether you need concept artwork, storyboards, toon-ups or aviation artwork, David Collins Media can deliver the 2d-style artwork you are looking for. 

Please visit the 2D MEDIA + ILLUSTRATION to see more examples. 

• 2D technical illustrations
• 2D artistic renderings
• Aviation art and illustration
• Pencil and inked line drawings. (Digital)

• Traditional renderings (Digital)
• Logos, Toon-Ups and Concept Artwork
• Architectural art and illustrations
• Toon-Ups


David Collins Media combines over 25 years’ experience in media creation to offer direct Commercial, Industrial and Residential Real Estate media services. David Collins offers real estate media in the Middle Georgia and surround areas of Georgia. Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent, Commercial Property Owner,  or an individual home and property seller, DCM has the media you need to get that property sold. Offering the very best in Photography, Video Production, Drone-Based Aerial Media and Interactive Virtual Tours, David Collins Media can take your real estate media and marketing needs to another level, giving you an edge in the hot real estate market. 

Please visit the REAL ESTATE MEDIA Page for some great examples. 

David has extensive professional experience of many different design disciplines spanning well over a decades worth of work. From interface design to logo branding, from websites to print collateral, David has the design experience to deliver top notch services at an affordable investment. 

Please visit the GRAPHIC DESIGN + BRANDING for examples.


  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Signage
  • Information Materials
  • Training Materials


  • Design/Layout of proposed environments such as: Museums, Parks, Displays and other interactive areas.


  • Digital web ads. Static or animated 
  • Digital Signage. Static or animated
  • Interactive Kiosks (UI design)

David Collins of David Collins Media combines his almost 25 years of photography and video production experience to provide one of a kind Wedding Media Creation for all those lucky brides and grooms. With affordable photography packages varying in price ranges and wedding video productions also have some varying options. Custom packages are available for both photography and videography. Photography Packages and Video Packages are now available.

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