2D Media: Art, Illustrations, Animation
David Collins has over 20 years experience in traditional 2D media such as drawing, painting, illustration and fine artwork, to digital art, cartoons and technical illustrations. Technology has come in to it's own to where even producing traditional-looking media such as sketches, illustrations and painting can now be accomplished digitally to produce the fine art look. Whether you need concept artwork, storyboards, toon-ups or aviation artwork, David Collins Media can deliver the 2d-style artwork you are looking for. 

  • 2D technical illustrations
  • 2D artistic renderings
  • Aviation art and illustration
  • Pencil and inked line drawings. (Digital)
  • Traditional renderings (Digital)
  • Logos, Toon-Ups and Concept Artwork
  • Architectural art and illustrations
  • Toon-Ups
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